Making Your Own Orange Marmalade

Orange marmalade is a jam or jelly made from orange and lemon fruit ingredients. Normally it is best served during breakfast and snack times. The best marmalades are made out of the freshest citrus fruits picked from the orchard. It comes with many variety that you can choose those that fit your taste buds. If you want to make your own marmalade, be creative to make a tasty one. It’s a way to impress everyone in the home especially your kids. It can even turn out a good business for you.

orange marmalade

How Marmalade Got Its Term?

How marmalade is defined has evolved over the years. Originally it used to be a spread for breads and toast made from fruit extracts. The term originated many years back over conflicting ideas. It was believed that a doctor treating the Queen of Scots, Mary made the jam for seasickness. He combined oranges and crushed sugar. Other historians however refused to accept the explanation. They say the term came from Portuguese“marmelada” or “marmelo”, which appeared in English print in the 1500s. Today marmalade comes from various oranges and is said to be healthy for the body.

Making Your Orange Marmalade Easily

You can make your own orange marmalade or buy orange jam online. Below are easy steps to make your own marmalade. It is not only delicious;it is healthy jam making for your kids.


9 whole oranges sliced thinly

3 whole lemons sliced thinly

4 cups of either orange juice or water

4 cups granulated sugar

2 packages or 12 tablespoons of chosen pectin


Jar grabber to pick the hot jars

Jar funnel

1 large pot

Large spoon and ladles

1 canner

Ball jars



Optional lid lifter



  • Choose great looking oranges and lemons. If you grow your own fruits, pick the freshestones.
  • Wash the fruits with plain cold water.
  • Wash the jars and lids. Sanitize these to make it clean and ready to use. Place them in a pan of hot water for a few minutes. Ensure that the jars you use don’t easily break.
  • Remove the outer part of the orange. If you don’t peel it, it will give a bitter taste to the marmalade. Also remove the rind and discard it.
  • Cut the fruit into thin slices. Remove the tough parts and seeds. Save the juice if it leaks out.
  • Measure the sugar. Try to follow the directions of the packaged pectin. It may need 4 cups of sugar per box or 7 cups of sugar if it is regular pectin.
  • Mix the chopped oranges with pectin in a big pot and set aside.
  • Cook the fruit in water or orange juice.
  • Add sugar and make it boil.
  • When cooked, fill the jar and put the lid and rings on it.
  • Process the jar in a boiling water bath for about 15 minutes.
  • After that the orange marmalade is done. Allow the jars to cool.
  • It will take 14 days for the marmalade to thicken up. Until then, you will have to wait till it is ready to eat, however it’s bon apetit!

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