What You Need To Know About Link Analysis

By definition, link analysis is a technique in data analysis used in evaluating the connections between the nodes. These relationships can be determined through different types of objects or nodes, in which it includes transactions, people and organizations. They are widely used in investigations when criminal activity sets in, but they are also used in other aspects of the industry such as computer security analysis, medical research, market research and search engine optimization. There is a reason why search engines highly value link analysis, which is that good links that are connected to websites are difficult to fake or make a fraud copy of it.


There is the belief that link analysis provides the search engines unadulterated and useful ways in determining which of the pages are good for certain subjects. So in theory, if you build up the links in your website, it will help in improving on how the pages of your site will rank well by the search engines that analyze these links. Keep in mind that link analysis is not the same with how link popularity performs. There is no meaning at all in getting a lot of links. Just like how you shop for quality products at retail stores, the same thing can be applied to looking for links. These good quality links come from good quality pages that are in some way related to the purpose or subject of your website or the topic in which you want to be found in. The links should be quality over quantity.

The quality of the page and its authority are also two factors that matters about link analysis. Having a topical directory on a certain topic would be considered of higher authority compared to the free-for-all page with links. This means that it is important that you have links placed in topical directories or at web guides that are related to the subject matter of your website. It is deemed more important to have a few links that comes from significant pages compared to having thousands of links that are taken from farm sites. You should also familiarize yourself with the other aspect of link analysis which is the link context. This analyzes on how close the link appears in the page with the keywords in between the texts in the page. If this part sounds confusing to you, you can just leave the SEO auditing to the experts to figure it out, unless this is part of your job. At the same time to keep a little focus on SEM auditing side as well for which you can read more here.

Whether or not you understand what link analysis is, the things you can do to take advantage of it is that it is able to seek for links from various good pages that are related to the terms that you want your website to be found for. Search engines do not rely heavily on link analysis, but they are still utilized to look at your website, which focuses more on the terms that you wish your site to be found at. You can determine the good sites to link to your own through the use of key search terms and the search engines.

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